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Oh come on guys
I uploaded Calm on the Outside in 2012 Stop looking at it and favouriting it it's been three years I have better works since then seriously
Broken Angle Broken World by FlyAway-555
Broken Angle Broken World
Mostly playing around with my newly-discovered shattered/torn effect. I think it's alright.

I drew this in about an hour, using no references, but looking at this now, maybe I should have. There is a lot I'd like to change, so it's only uploaded as a photo of an art piece, but if I do a better one, I'll scan it properly. 

It's meant to be a dying angel looking over a planet that's been ripped in half, I hope it comes across alright. 
Tell me how it makes you feel :)
Chapter 16


Later that day, Aaron and Kati were doing, yes, housework.

"Kati, Can you move this box over there for me?" Aaron said, forcing a large silver-blue crate over to her.

"Um, sure.." Kati said, looking at the size. Carefully, she picked it up with the force and moved it slowly over to the far wall, not letting it get more than two inches off the ground, in case she dropped it. It wasn't that heavy, it was just the walking away from Aaron that made it harder.

Placing it down, she saw out of the corner of her eyes that Aaron was finding the force hard to control. Walking over to him, she could see it getting stronger.

After he put the set of boxes down, he turned to face her. Taking her hand, he reached out with the force and grabbed most of the boxes and placed them at the other side of the room.

"That should do it." He said, grinning and letting go of her.

Rezso just shook his head as he came over to them. "I see you are perfecting your force abilities. Very wise, I think.." He said, before walking away.

Both teen cracked up laughing.

When they had calmed down, they walked over to some stray boxes and sat down on them.

"I was thinking.." Kati started, looking off into space.

"Yeah?" Aaron prompted when she didn't continue.

"How come, before I met you, I couldn't use the force, but just before I was kidnapped, I could force things?"

"Well, we have to be close to each other to be able to force things, like a wireless connection. If we're too far apart, it just doesn't work. I don't know whether you knew or not, but I wasn't that far away when C.D. stole you away. In fact, it was just before Kelly was sent off to hospital that I was talking to him." Aaron frowned, remembering the marks on Kelly that would have surely turned into scars if not treated right away.

"Was it bad?" Kati asked, sensing what he was thinking.

"No too bad, but he may have some scars." Aaron replied, not looking her in the eyes.

There was silence for a moment or two.

"Can I go back to see him?" Kati asked in a small voice. From what she learned from Kelly, when Jedi are taken to train, they rarely saw their parents.

"Come with me," Aaron said, taking her wrist and leading her away from the wall towards where Rezso stood. "I don't know the answer to your question, but we both know someone who does."

"Master, a word?" Aaron said, coming up to him, but not letting go of Kati. Instead, he intertwind his fingers with hers.

"One second," Rezso said, before turning back to the person he was talking to. When he finished, which felt like forever to Kati, he turned to the teens. "Now, how can I help my-"

Aaron cut him off, "Kati wants to go back home."

Kati blinked.

"I see," Rezso said looking at her.

Kati blinked again.

"Kati," Rezso said, leaning down to her height, "I know you miss them, but there's simply no way we can send you back. Now, I'm sure Aaron would teach you some more tricks with the force to make it a little easier for you to control."

"But master-"

"No buts, Kati. I'm sorry, but you just can't go back."

"But what about my parents? They'll be worried sick! And they'll have the police all over the planet, and since Kelly was the last one to see me..." Memories of TV shows flooded Kati's mind. "He'll go to juvenile court! He'll be arrested, Master, I have to go back. I just have to tell my mum where I am, I just have to go back."

"What about your training?" Rezso asked.

"I'll do it on the way!" Kati fought back, determined

"I hope you know what your getting yourself into.." He said, stretching, "I'll see what I can do." And with that, he walk away.

"Yes!" Aaron said, holding up a hand. "I can't wait to see your friend again."

"Yeah, and you can be properly introduced." Kati replied, hi-fiving his hand.

"Come on, lets go practice your force." Aaron said, grinning and walking backwards.

"I'm not gong to tell you about the person behind you, you know." Kati said, just stifling a laugh.

"Very funny," Aaron replied, before hitting the person.

Spinning around, he was face to face with another human.

"Chaneller Palpateen. My apologies, sir," Aaron said, looking down at the ground in embarrassment.

"I heard you had a tendency for running into senates, haven't you?" The oldish man said, laughing and walking away.
Force Twins Chapter 16
About time this got uploaded. Hope some of you still remember how the first one started. 
If you don't, I've got your back:
Still alive, so Don't worry
and yes, I'm still writing,
find me on (… )
where more complete versions of my stories have been held.
Expect some serious updates in the Future, I've got a lot  of art to upload.

Love you all,
Meanna Hawkfighter


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Meanna Ari Hawkfighter
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
My name is Anna Hawkfighter and I specialize in literature.

At the moment I am currently writing more fanfiction than original stories as I get my skills up, and I am more than happy to listen to pointers or critiques.
I do have a style of writing that has taken me a few years to work out, and I seem to have a pretty good fanbase for it. However, if you find it troubling to read, I love learning new things, and would be more than happy to attempt another style if you request it. A book you enjoy as a reference is always helpful. (Anything but To Kill a Mockingbird I almost died trying to read that)

I am a full supporter of equal rights, living under the 'gay' umbrella (Obviously you want to know this since you're still reading).
While born into a Christian family, I have come to realize I believe in the Christian God about as much as I believe in penguins. Do I believe penguins exist? Yes. Do I believe penguins can do my taxes? Not on your nelly.
I have since come across Nymphadora, who is a Goddess of Creativity. As an artist, my prayers and blessing come and go to her. I also practice Magic and Witchcraft, though I am a real beginner at it. I wont preach to you about how amazing She is, but I love her very much.

For more of my stories, visit: and under 'Authors' search StarSpinner678, or follow the link at the bottom. My Tumber can also be found under Lets-Play-Our-Game and is Hawkfighter (but that is pretty devoid of anything right now)

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